(My WIP version of my more revised humanoid Bunnymund.(I drew him before but didn’t spend much time actually considering details) I can’t draw animal like beings for anything, ears, sure, but I completely stink at drawing any other animal features. So I have to make him humanoid to draw him. He wasn’t suppose to end up a Hugh Jackman rip off, I was just going off of what I thought he should be as human, the style of the fluffs at the sides of his head, figured he should have a man jaw, stubble course, and he just kinda… Ended up looking like a Hugh Jackman rip off. Well, appropriate I suppose. I was going to give him a shirt, but after looking up several thing and noticing that his items on him are sort of like Australian tribal sort of gear, I figured, he wouldn’t wear a shirt. Just pants, and his arm things. )